1. stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)

a noisy crowd of intoxicated sailors


helplessly inebriated

Syn: ↑drunk, ↑inebriated
Ant: ↑sober
Similar to:
bacchanalian, ↑bacchanal, ↑bacchic, ↑carousing, ↑orgiastic, ↑beery, ↑besotted, ↑blind drunk, ↑blotto, ↑crocked, ↑cockeyed, ↑fuddled, ↑loaded, ↑pie-eyed, ↑pissed, ↑pixilated, ↑plastered, ↑slopped, ↑sloshed, ↑smashed, ↑soaked, ↑soused, ↑sozzled, ↑squiffy, ↑stiff, ↑tight, ↑wet, ↑potty, ↑tiddly, ↑tipsy, ↑bibulous, ↑boozy, ↑drunken, ↑sottish, ↑doped, ↑drugged, ↑narcotized, ↑narcotised, ↑half-seas-over, ↑high, ↑mellow, ↑hopped-up, ↑stoned
Derivationally related forms: ↑drunk (for: ↑drunk)
2. as if under the influence of alcohol

felt intoxicated by her success


drunk with excitement

Syn: ↑drunk
Similar to: ↑excited

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